English for Catalan Real Estate Agents



We are Native English businessmen living here in Catalonia. We are experienced and trusted adviser Supporting Catalan Real Estate Agents.  Who train and counsel real estate agents and their employees to process inquiries they receive in the English language.

Based in Reus, Tarragona, with effective links in the UK. We have intimate knowledge of the culture of English speaking Northern Europeans. As a consequence, we are very successful in identifying their needs and building strong, trusting relationships. That ultimately leads to greater customer confident’s and satisfaction in the service you deliver. A happy, confident clients extend long-term relationships and increase your sales volumes.

IT (Information technology) Services

In today’s modern world, of property portals and website advertising most English speaking enquiries are received via email or electronic notification systems. Very often these inquiries do not receive a reply due to the lack of confidence of English by the recipient, or answered in very bad English, which erodes the confidence of the prospect or customer.

We provide a business communication service to deal with all your English email inquiries. All you do is send or forward your English speaking inquiries to us, and we compile a suitable reply. You then deliver it to the recipient who clearly understands your message. This is a very rapid and effective way to increase your sales volumes and improve your employees English language skills.

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